Sunday, July 29, 2007

On our way here, Alex bet there would only be between 5-10 U.S. citizens that we would meet on our entire trip. Trent voted for over 15. I took the seemingly reasonable 10-15. So far we have met (oh so briefly) 9 Americans. (Trent is insisting that we count the 5 Americans who passed the boys on a trail.)

But … the tourists we have met are most interesting! We have met wine traders from Switzerland (who also trade in China), three Canadians who just graduated from college and are taking off a few months before their engineering jobs begin in September, a South African (currently living in Great Britain) who is a mine engineer and is here in Chile for an internship, and a New Zealander who is on a “vision quest” for a year, hoping to figure out what he can do about global warming in his hometown.

In terms of the park as a whole, winter months bring fewer than 1,000 visitors to the park. In the summer months of December and January, there are over 1,000 visitors a day.