Puma Kill

Saturday, July 21, 2007

The boys would really like to take a picture of a puma eating at night. Last night, they went out with the park ranger and stayed near a dead guanaco that had been killed the night before. Generally, the puma will kill a guanaco and then hide the carcass with branches. For as many as four or five nights, the puma will return to the kill to eat. Pumas have been photographed at night, eating the kill, and they do not seem put off by flashes or lights. So far, though, the puma have not returned when the boys are there.

Last night's kill was not hidden, as the puma killed the gaunaco as it was trying to jump a fence. During the day, the boys were able to watch five foxes eating the guanaco. The pictures are of foxes eating guanaco at two separate kills.